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Utah State Capitol

Capitol Art

Capitol Commission Portrait Hall of Governors Rotunda Sculptures Pendentive Painting The Dome Ceiling
Brigham Young Statue Children at Play Carolina Bridge Utah Seraph Young Painting My Ancestral Home
The Lunette Paintings Abraham Lincoln General Whitehead Young Unca Sam Chief John Duncan
Philo T. Farnsworth Ab Jenkins Maurice Warshaw Emmeline B. Wells Simon Bamberger

4th Floor Gallery

Previous to the 2004–2008 Capitol restoration, the building’s fourth floor consisted of a narrow hallway and rows of offices. After the restoration, the fourth floor was reclaimed according to Kletting’s original plans, and it now includes an expansive gallery space overlooking the Rotunda. The gallery features rotating exhibits relating to Utah’s history and heritage.

Past Exhibitions

Centennial ExhibitCommemorating a Century: A Centennial Celebration of the Utah State Capitol Building
On view 2016
Utah IconographyUtah Iconography December 18, 2013–March 14, 2014
Selected Bronzes by Edward J. FraughtonSelected Bronzes by Edward J. Fraughton various–March 14, 2014 People of Utah ExhibitPeople of Utah December 21, 2012–December 17, 2013
John Wesley PowellArt Meets History: John Wesley Powell Expedition August 9–September 18, 2012

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