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Utah State Capitol

Restoration Project

Today, Capitol Hill honors the original plans of architect Richard Kletting more closely than ever. Practical challenges, including financial limitations, prevented Kletting’s designs from being fully realized in the early twentieth century. Nearly 100 years later, these ideas became the basis for a massive renovation¬†of the Utah State Capitol.

In response to studies concluding that the Capitol was vulnerable to even a moderate earthquake, the Utah State Legislature created the Capitol Preservation Board to oversee the seismic upgrade, restoration, and preservation of the Capitol. The project began in 2004, and by the end, 265 seismic base isolators were installed underneath the Capitol to help improve safety and protect against earthquake damage. Original artworks were restored, new artworks were commissioned, and both the offices and public spaces were restored to their original beauty. On January 4, 2008, the renovation was completed and the Capitol was rededicated.


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